Multi-Day Backpacking

Our trips are private and custom-designed, planned around your schedule, your physical abilities and your interests. We cater trips with hearty, healthy and tasty snacks and meals, and we can outfit you with some of the essential backpacking gear like tent, sleeping bag, pad and appropriately-sized backpack. You will be responsible for carrying your own personal items, and we will help you plan what you will need. Our backpacking trips are often somewhat physically challenging, and overcoming those challenges in a place like Yellowstone is very rewarding.

Our Backpacking Trips are custom-designed around your specific desires, level of difficulty and schedule; therefore rates can vary somewhat. We provide all meals and trail snacks, and we can arrange some of the essential camping gear for you. Typically our Backpack Trips cost:

One-Two Guests - $545 / Day

Additional Adults - $250 / Day / Person

Children 10-15 years old - $200 / Day / Child

Children under 10 are FREE (Young children are certainly welcome. Please call to discuss details of backpacking with children before you book.)

There is no better way to experience the spirit of Yellowstone than to shoulder a pack and hit the trail for a few days with a naturalist guide. Do you need a break from the everyday grind? There is nothing better for the soul than a good hike through wild country, followed by an evening around the campfire and a good night's sleep alongside a mountain stream. Yellowstone National Park contains more than 2.2 million acres of pristine wilderness beauty with nearly 1,000 miles of excellent trails to explore. Multi-day treks with Yellowstone Wild traverse spectacular wild terrain on a safe and educational journey, often following a meandering stream to its sources, crossing over a high mountain pass, then descending through hidden alpine basins to discover the wildflower gardens in the meadow where our campsite sits just above a bend in the river and a great fishing hole. The following morning we might leave our camp on a day hike to wander up an open ridge line where we spot big horn sheep, mountain goats and maybe even a grizzly bear on the far slopes. Our stay in the high country is uplifting in that crisp mountain air, but we must get off the open alpine ridges before the afternoon thunderstorms roll through. We make a small detour to visit a backcountry hot spring before returning to camp, where we are lucky enough to see two bull moose come down to the river for a drink in the golden afternoon light. After several days in the backcountry we begin to take on the rhythms of the slow and powerful forces that have shaped Yellowstone, and we can truly be present in the moment.

Client Testimonial

Yellowstone National Park - Backcountry Hiking Trip


I have been an avid hiker for over 30 years.  Out of all my hikes (Grand Canyon, Big Bend, Parts of the Appalachian Trail, Wheeler Peak in New Mexico, Rocky Mountain National Park, etc.) this would be up there at the top.


There are many things that make a great hike - knowledge of the area, good weather, seeing wildlife, learning about native flora, a great guide, a great companion, great conversation, luck, etc.  In my view, a little of each of these goes a long way.  However, some matter more than others depending on the situation and the hike.


Due to a last minute cancellation by one of my friends I needed to find someone to hike with in Yellowstone. Thus, I decided to hire a guide.  On this particular hike, my guide / wildlife biologist Emil McCain was indispensable.  His tracking / wildlife observation skills, knowledge of the park, knowledge of the native flora and even keeled nature made for the adventure of a lifetime.  


This was my first time hiking in Yellowstone and my first time using a guide.  We spent two days and nights hiking and camping in the Lamar Valley backcountry and 1 day going around the park observing wildlife.


The two days and nights in the backcountry we experienced an early September snow storm.  Also, we observed a Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Buffalo, Wolves, Coyote, Red-tailed Hawk, Goshawk, Mule deer, etc. While the Grizzly Bear was a little luck (depending on which way you want to look at it - Lol) the rest of the animals we observed were due to Emil's knowledge.  I was so grateful to him.  He just had an incredible connection to the land and a knack of knowing where the animals would be located.  It was absolutely amazing to witness.          


The day we spent going around the park we observed Black Bear, Wolves, Big Horn Sheep, Buffalo, Red- tailed Hawk, Mule Deer, American Coot, etc.


Besides all of the wildlife sightings, Emil also educated me about the park in general.  We had great meals, nice campfires and most importantly great conversation.  For meeting someone for the first time it was like hiking with a good friend.  To this day we stay in touch and are good friends.  


As an assiduous businessman I need to get away from my occupation.  I usually turn to nature to find solace, breathe with the earth and recharge my spirit.


To me:

"Voyaging through wildernesses is essential to the growth and maturity of the human spirit".

  - Steven Callahan


I achieved all of this on my hike and more with Emil.  For all of the reasons stated above, I highly recommend Emil McCain.  As a matter of fact, I plan on hiking with him again soon.  This is a trip that will be ingrained in my memory forever!


Jeffrey B. - Austin, Texas

"My husband and I spent the most amazing 4 days of our lives with Emil in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park during our honeymoon trip in July 2016. We are both active nature lovers from Australia and have traveled the world a lot, but backpacking and tenting in bear country was a first for us. We felt completely safe, and guided by a genuine wildlife warrior. It wasn't just about ticking the boxes and spotting animals (although we were so impressed with seeing moose, deer, grizzly bears, owls and so much more!); we felt like Emil showed us the heart of Yellowstone and how much it has to offer. As you can imagine, prior to the trip we were slightly hesitant about spending our honeymoon with a stranger in the wild.... however it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Emil is not only brilliant at what he does, we felt like we were on an adventure with a friend we've known for many years. He is safe, respectful, lots of fun and has so much wildlife knowledge to offer. I recommend that everyone sees Yellowstone this way; get out of the crowds, sleep under the stars, walk where the animals walk, and have Emil as your guide through this adventure. You won't regret it. We are desperately trying to get back to catch up and see Yellowstone when there is snow!"

Min & Ben - Sydney, Australia


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