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"Emil shares enthusiastic tales of ecology and highlights the behavior of wildlife in this special part of our world. His teachings appeal to all ages. If I could arrange it, I would go out every day with YELLOWSTONE WILD!!"  


Evelyn C. - Emigrant, Montana

Our wildlife tours are phenomenal! Yellowstone National Park has some of the best wildlife watching and photography in the World, especially for wolves. Hiring a professional wildlife biologist/guide is the best way to experience Yellowstone and fully appreciate our first national park. Specializing in watching wolves and bears, Yellowstone Wild, LLC builds each wildlife watching trip around your specific interests and desires. Your biologist guide will enhance your viewing and photographic opportunities of the wildlife you seek. Whether you want to see foraging grizzly bears, witness social and behavioral dynamics of Yellowstone wolf packs, or go on a scavenger hunt to ID the numerous wild animal species seen on our family tours, we will make your Yellowstone adventure a lasting impression. Something absolutely amazing is happening in Yellowstone every day, and we welcome you to explore Yellowstone's treasures with us.


Moments in the Park

The Canyon Alpha Female and her mate 712M challenge a grizzly bear over a fallen bison in Hayden Valley August, 2014. These two amazing wolves had the longest breeding pair bond and are among the longest-lived of Yellowstone's wolves. In memory of the Canyon Alpha Female.

Your local guide is out in Yellowstone nearly every single day. He keeps very close track of the different wolf packs, bear movements and the activities and whereabouts of many wild animals in Yellowstone. Your guide has spent a lifetime in the outdoors looking for wildlife – first as an overly-curious youngster exploring the forests behind the family ranch in Colorado, then as a student earning two degrees in wildlife biology, and then 20 years as a researcher studying rare and illusive carnivores all over the world, including Yellowstone wolves and cougars. With that unique background and skillset, your guide takes great pride and joy in bringing you into that wild world and sharing its magic with you in the most personal way possible. This is not only our profession, it’s what we love to do, and we do it well.  In fact, nobody does it better than Yellowstone Wild, when it comes to knowing where wildlife is likely to be, spotting the animals out on the landscape and getting you into the best wildlife viewing experiences. We will interpret the behaviors we are seeing and explain their importance to you, painting a detailed picture of the history and complex social dynamics of a certain wolf pack or the evolutionary and ecological process at play. 

We want your experience to be the best, and we take great pride in getting to the best wildlife viewing locations possible. Wildlife trips are heavily road-based, and sometimes wildlife sightings can be quite crowded. At Yellowstone Wild, we know the lay of the land like the back of our hand, and we know how wildlife use it. We make a serious effort to get away from the crowds and slip into the wilds of Yellowstone to show you the wildlife in the most intimate and personal manner. Sometimes that may require a hike (often off-trail) to a high ridgetop or through a forest to the edge of the meadow on the far side to gain a spectacular view.   

We will watch wildlife from a safe and respectful distance where our presence does not bother or threaten the animals, and therefore we can casually enjoy observing their natural behaviors, uninfluenced by humans and, of course, where we will be totally safe. That is why we provide you with the very best optics available-including crystal-clear high-powered binoculars and Swarovski spotting scopes - to fully enjoy our sightings at a safe distance and without disturbing wildlife.

It is important to remember that the wild animals we seek to observe are exactly that: WILD, free-ranging animals that can roam across all of the parks’s 2.2 million acres. Yellowstone’s landscapes are breathtaking in their vastness, and those expanses can be overwhelming when trying to see wildlife. The probability of our locating and observing wildlife is greatly elevated due to your guide’s intimate experience; however, we cannot guarantee that you will see everything you wish to see. We can promise that we will do our very best and draw from a lifetime of experience, as well as our ongoing relationships with local wildlife researchers and photographers to make your day with us a highlight to be remembered.

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